Find the Best Contractor and Fabricator for Your Granite and Marble Slabs in the GTA

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Finding the Best Contractor and Fabricator for your Granite and Marble Slabs in the GTA

Are you looking for the most durable, striking and easiest to maintain countertops? When planning your countertops, one of the most important tasks is to select your material. Granite and marble slabs in the GTA may be your answer.
To get the exact countertop, you have two decisions to make. You start with the type of natural stone you prefer and then the dominant colour you prefer. The next step is to choose the actual granite or marble slab that will be used. It is a good idea to choose your slab in person, since each slab is different and colour variations can occur in different lighting. This is especially important if you are selecting a stone with lots of pattern and colour variation. You can view granite and marble slabs in the GTA at a stone distributor.
In many cases, distributors will only sell slabs of granite and marble to fabricators, not contractors. If you have your own contractor, they will source out their own fabricator to do the cutting and installing of your countertop. If no contractor is involved, you can use search engines or referrals from friends, family and neighbours to make an informed choice of fabricator. Once you reserve your slab, your information, including price, is sent to a fabricator. At some point, the fabricator will order your chosen stone and the distributor will deliver it to them so that they can perform their duties in creating your desired countertop.
Quality granite or marble countertops will add value to your house and add a richness and beauty to your kitchen. It is important to find the best contractor and fabricator to help you. Here are some things to look for when choosing the best company for the job:
Does the contractor do both the fabrication and installation? The skills required to do both activities is different, but having the same company do the job from start to finish is essential to get a problem free installation.
Does the contractor do quality work? If you are a new buyer of granite and marble, you may not know what a quality installation looks like. Some quality issues are obvious, but others may not be. A quality contractor will share information with you about what makes a natural stone countertop install a quality job.
Is the contractor knowledgeable about proper natural stone care? Many contractors may be misinformed when it comes to proper natural stone care and maintenance. If they do know the right way to care for granite and marble, this is a bonus, as they can pass the information on to you. It is a good idea for you to do your own research on proper care and maintenance of your natural stone countertops in order to minimize damage.
Will the contractor offer you a warranty? A quality contractor who is confident in his work may offer you a warranty. Ask if there are any references you can contact.
Choosing granite and marble slabs in the GTA for your countertops is a large investment that will add value to your home. Granite and marble countertops are among the most elegant and long-lasting kitchen countertop choices. After you choose the perfect slab, take your time and find a contractor and fabricator that will help you get the countertops you want.